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March 2018
Welcome to PaRD's First Newsletter in 2018!
Dear Reader,

 2018 is already in full swing and its first quarter is over. To update you, we have compiled this newsletter full of reports by members and partners, upcoming events and publications.

In this issue, I would like to guide your special attention to the publications section, where you find both UNIATF's 2017 annual report as well as the Plan of action for religious leaders and actors to prevent incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes to download. The latter is also covered in the first piece of news from members and partners on KAICIID's busy February. I am excited to see the impact of the document in our members' and partners' work!

If you have any information to be featured on our website or in the upcoming newsletter, or if you want to share your suggestions with us, please do not hesitate to email us at

With kind regards,

Ulrich Nitschke
Head of the PaRD secretariat
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News from members and partners
Upcoming events
Recent publications
KAICIID: A busy February in Vienna
Surrounding KAICIID's fifth anniversary, the Vienna-based intergovernmental organization founded by Saudi Arabia, Austria and Spain with the Holy See as a founding Observer gathered key members and partners on three different occasions.
Fourth Annual Symposium on the Role of Religion in International Affairs
On January 22nd 2018, the Fourth Annual Symposium on the Role of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations in International Affairs was held at the UN Secretariat in New York. The focus of this year’s symposium was Perspectives on Migration
World Economic Forum: The Power of Faith
Which faith-based narratives have the potential to emphasize the value of pluralism while promoting a sense of belonging and unity? One session at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum focussed on answering this question.
UNFPA's Strategic Plan for 2018-2021
An interactive version of the Strategic Plan can be found online and is also available in French and in Spanish. It provides an overview of the vision, results and strategic direction of UNFPA in the run up to 2030.
Localizing Response to Humanitarian Need Conference Summary
The Full Summary Report on the Forum held on October 16th to 19th 2017 in Sri Lanka can be downloaded and viewed online. It serves as a resource for examples of engagement and a source of information for future actions and advocacy.
Islamic Relief - Gender Justice Consultation
Islamic Relief hosted a high-level consultation on the topic of gender justice. The consultation discussed some of the most pressing matters affecting women and girls all over the world and recommendations from this event help to inform IR's policies and work in the field.
Discussing The Role of Religious Communities in Protecting Early Childhood
Following up on the Panama Forum, Arigatou International hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic of Ethics Education to Strengthen Families and Nurturing Spirituality in Early Childhood  in Colombo, Sri Lanka addressing the role of religious communities.
LWF: A faith-inspired resistance to violence
LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr. Martin Junge visited an indigenous community in Colombia, pledging continuing support for  indigenous people in Colombia as they integrate former combatants into their communities. 
16 Days of Activism against Gender-based violence
Member organisations of the international Side by Side faith movement for gender justice participated creatively in the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based violence.
World Day of Prayer and Action for Children
The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children is celebrated annually on November 20th. Find out more on the over 300 activities in over 85 countries since its inception in 2008 through Arigatou International's online database.
KAICIID receives Africa Peace Award 2018
KAICIID received the award from the United Religions Initiative (URI) representing member organisations in 31 African countries for promoting interreligious and -cultural dialogue and in particular for reviving the African Union Interfaith Dialogue Forum in partnership with the African Union.
Visit the PaRD World Map
The World Map serves its users as a tool to identify opportunities for cooperation and exchange.
Job announcement: Senior Communications Officer, World Bank, closing Date: March 27th 2018
The World Bank is hiring a Senior Communications Officer to oversee its Faith-based Organizations Engagement Program of the Global Engagement & Partnerships Unit.
Call for Applications: Religion and Mediation Course at ETH Zurich, call ends March 27th 2018
The Religion and Mediation Course is a specialized training for mediators, peace practitioners, policy makers and others working to address violent political conflicts in contexts where religion has strong relevance.
Registration open: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Religion and Conflict, open until March 31st 2018
The certificate course at the University of Basel discusses issues such as the role of religion in conflict and peace as well as the relationship between religions and governments.
Call for Papers: Multiple Secularities Conference in Leipzig, call ends March 31st 2018
The conference titled Multiple Secularities – Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities, will take place from October 4th to 6th, 2018 at Leipzig University. Please send your abstract (500 words) and a short bio to Judith Zimmermann (
Become a Partner!
PaRD invites civil society and non-governmental organisations contributing to the 2030 Agenda to join as partners.
Engaging Religion and Faith-based Actors on Agenda 2030/The SDGs

UNIATF's 2017 Annual Report provides an overview of the engagement with faith-based actors and faith-related activities by the members of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Engaging Faith-Based Actors for Sustainable Development.

PaRD 2nd Annual Meeting in Wilton Park, UK - Full Report
The report of the Second PaRD Annual Meeting titled Faith in the Sustainable Development Goals that took place in November 2017 in Wilton Park/Wiston House is now online.
Plan of action for religious leaders and actors to prevent incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes
The Plan of Action is the result of a two-year consultation process with leaders from different faiths and religions around the world, featuring a rich body of suggestions for ways in which religious leaders and actors can prevent incitement to violence and contribute to peace and stability.
Documentation of the event titled Responsibility of Religions and Governments for Peace – Between Autonomy and Complementarity
On December 5th 2017 the German Federal Foreign Office invited policy makers, religious leaders and representatives from international organizations and civil society to an event about responsibility of religions and governments for peace.
Religions for Peace: Dr. Vendley on Global Connections Television at UN
Dr. William Vendley, Secretary General of Religions for Peace talked on Global Connections Television (GCTV) about multi-religious cooperation.
ICM Research: Randomizing Religion: The Impact of Protestant Evangelism on economic outcomes
ICM has published the mid-line results of a large scale randomized controlled trial on ICM's Transform Program. The results show concrete evidence of the program's impact on poverty and indicate ways forward.
Addressing Violence and Extremism: The Importance of Terminology
Abbas Aroua, Director of the Cordoba Foundation of Geneva, published an essay about difficulties confronting extremism and violence caused by an inaccurate terminology.
New GBV Webinar and Resources on JLI
JLI published new reports in its Gender-based Violence Learning Hub.
It includes results of a Department for International Development (DFID) supported project titled Working effectively with faith leaders to challenge harmful traditional practices (HTPs)’ led by the JLI Gender-based Violence Hub (GBV Hub).
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